Apollo API Version Upped to 9

Carbine released quite the patch to WildStar last night! They managed to fix quite a few annoying bugs like the flickering water some users had with NVIDIA graphics cards. Check out the patch notes below, including the updated UI notes that were added recently.

Quote from Raijinn

User Interface

  • Fixed some LUA errors that happened when timed public event objectives were completed.
  • If group leadership changes with Master Loot available and the wrong window open, that window is now closed and the correct window is now opened.
  • Players are now able to exit out of realm select consistently.
  • Fixed issue preventing realm list message from being sent.
  • A minimum width for nameplates has been added for characters with shorter names.
  • Fixed Nameplate LUA error that sometimes occurred when changing maps.
  • The stun breakout UI has a failsafe that will clear it off the screen in case the clear message is lost in transmission.
  • Fixed issue causing guild chat to always show as coming from the Player.
  • The “Don’t Show Me Any More Tutorials” opt out should now work properly.
  • Apollo: UI: (Major) The Apollo API version number has been incremented from 8 to 9. Existing 3rd-party addons will be disabled until their API version is incremented.
  • Apollo: UI: Character Addon: The Character addon now responds to a new event "ItemConfirmSoulboundOnEquip". This is used to display a new ActionConfirmButton to equip items that would become soulbound. See the official Carbine Character addon for details.
  • Items: Equipping an item that is "Soulbound on Equip" will prompt the player before equipping the item.


  • The flickering water effects seen by some users using NVIDIA graphics cards has been fixed.


  • Many items that some Players reported as missing, should automatically be mailed back to their owners upon login.


  • Elemental Life Drain
    • Will no longer trigger more than 5 times every 1 second.
    • Previously, the value was calculated as if it were a heal, with no damage component. This has been fixed, and the values adjusted, based on it being a life drain. New values shown below:
      • Tier 1 - 32 life drain per hit, down from 73.
      • Tier 2 - 63 life drain per hit, down from 143.
      • Tier 3 - 96 life drain per hit, down from 218.
      • Tier 4 - 129 life drain per hit, down from 293.
      • Tier 5 - 176 life drain per hit, down from 433.
      • Tier 6 - 203 life drain per hit, down from 556."
  • Flux Hoverboards purchased from a designated mount vendor can now be sold back to vendors (for a fraction of the price).
  • Housing and Renown Flasks no longer generate threat when used.
  • Equipping an item that is "Soulbound on Equip" will prompt the player before equipping the item.

Item Specials

  • Capacity Tier 5 no longer grants an additional 50% shield capacity on top of the intended 2.3k.
  • ‘Slow it Down’ should no longer stack multiple times on a single player.


  • Samu-Samu Blood Shamans no longer heal enemies, or the Giant Skeech Totem with ‘Blood Channel’.


  • Reduced the Strikethrough debuff on all Blind skills to 20%, which is now down from 25%.
  • Lowered the "too-many path requests" pathing penalty cooldown on Pets.
  • Made improvements to the location of GTAE abilities casting on uneven terrain.
  • Certain spells will be better at finding targets.
  • ‘Glow of the Swamp’ buff can no longer be used in group PvE instances, PvP battlegrounds or Arenas.


  • Unsteady Miasma
    • Fixed an issue that caused the application of the field to go through a combat check thereby fixing an issue where foes could deflect the application, negating the entire ability.


  • Crush
    • This should now hit enemies, despite any differences in terrain.


  •  Restrictor
    • Fixed a bug where the T8 bonus was not being applied to enemies that left the field.


  • Rapid Fire
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to gain Dash tokens per target hit instead of once on use.
    • The 25% Dash token gain will now happen at the end of the channel and only if the Player has hit a foe.


  • Collapse
    • Increased damage to 19.47 per level up from 14.79 and 22.37% Assault and Support Power up from 17% Assault and Support Power.
  •  Impale
    • Tier 4 armor pierce has been increased to 50% up from 30%.
  • Nano Field
    • Nano Field no longer triggers a GCD when activated or collapsed. Additionally. when ‘press and hold’ is enabled Nano Field will not drain all the Stalker's Suit Power with a single press (Holding the button down will still continue to cast each stage of Nano Field)
  • NanoSkin
    • Evasive
      • The movement speed penalty was reduced to 10% down from 20%
    • Lethal
      • Resistance penalty was reduced to 2% down from 5%. The movement speed penalty was also reduced to 10% down from 20%


  • Flash Bang
    • Base blind duration reduced to 3.75 seconds, down from 5 seconds. Blind duration gained per tier reduced to 0.19 seconds, down from 0.25 seconds.
  • Plasma Wall
    • Base damage increased to 6.14 per level, up from 5.57 and 19.35% Support Power, up from 17.55%"
  • Rampage
    • Base damage reduced to 13.03 damage per level, down from 13.46 and 41.18% Assault Power, down from 42.49%.
    • Damage per tier reduced to 3.53% Assault Power, down from 3.92%.
    • Tier 4 Bonus reduced to 14.7% Assault Power, down from 16.9% Assault Power while above 500 Kinetic Energy, and 20.7% Assault Power, down from 26.9% while above 750 Kinetic Energy.
    • Tier 8 Bonus increased to 2% Assault Power per stack, up from 1.7%.
  •  Whirlwind
    • Base damage increased to 7.36 per level, up from 6.79 and 32.84% Assault Power, up from 23.24%.


  • Dying in a matchmaking instance should no longer prevent the deserter debuff from being applied.
  • Players must now be max level to create or join an Arena team.
  •  Deserter spells should persist through death, as intended.
  • The /follow command can no longer be used on hostile players.


  • Fixed an issue with FCON Platinum weapons where the items could not be crafted.


  • Certain zone bosses were despawning too early after death. They should linger around now for a bit and stink up the place.
  • Raid Attunement
    • Drusera can no longer appear multiple times on the first stage of the Genesis Key quests.


  • The title for killing Dreadphage Ohmna is now unique to that achievement.


  • The Kain's Arrival event in Algoroc will now properly progress for players in the event's area.

Drusera Instances

  • Quests should now correctly update upon leaving a completed instance.


  •  Interacting with wounded Exile soldiers properly advances the quest 'Helping Hand'.


  • Added a new cinematic to Grimvault


  • Players are safe and should no longer fall through the floor at the entrance to The Nursery.


  • Improved server load balancing to reduce the occurrence of lag spikes in Adventures.

Crimelords of Whitevale

  • Fixed multiple events that could break with the Soldier ‘Bail Out’ ability.

Northern Wastes

  • Neutral NPCs and Totem Guardians are now much more effective against minions.
  • Added logic to allow champions to enter the base when a sufficient number of moodie minions are inside.
  • Samubots will more reliably target the Giant Skeech Totem.
  • Coldburrow Howlers and Coldburrow Crawlers now attack Giant Moodie and Skeech Totems.

War of the Wilds

  • Strategy objectives are now triggered at totem thresholds rather than on a hard timer, and will populate at 10 and 20 totems in normal mode, and at 5 and 10 totems on Veteran.
  • Fixed a bug where players would not take damage from the Samu-Samu Chieftain’s Dark Energy spell every other cast.
  • Fixed a bug where the Samu-Samu Chieftain and Coldburrow Queen would sometimes target dead Moodies and Skeech with ‘Dark Energy’.
  • Lectro / Mekka now properly summons the correct number of bots upon spawning and will refresh the number of bots when they die in combat.


Space Madness

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the ‘Kill Hallucinating Livestock’ objective from being completed.



  • Thunderfoot's jump challenge should now correctly fail after a wipe. Spacebar! SPACEBAR!


  • Fixed some miscellaneous bugs relating to saving raid information.

Genetic Archives

  •  Guardian Pyralos now properly grants attunement credit.
  • Phage Maw
    • Is now present in the Void. This should prevent reset issues caused by Spellslingers using ‘Void Slip’ in a futile attempt to avoid their inevitable demise.
    • The Detonation Bombs and their harmful effects are still not present in the Void.


  • Players will no longer prematurely die while entering Datascape.
  • System Daemons
    • If the encounter resets after the Firewall Power hits 100%, the holdout creatures will no longer teleport up prematurely on the next pull
    • Fixed a tooltip for Overload.



  • The G-Spell in ‘Ruffle Some Feathers’ should no longer be able to target and hit opposing players while in Grimvault


Auction House/Commodities Exchange

  • The Client should no longer crash when an order on the Commodities Exchange is filled.


  • The Crafting UI now supports locked power cores.
  • We re-aligned Work Orders so that only crafters that meet the minimum Tradeskill level for the Work Orders are aware, and may accept them.


  • Exile Architect work orders in Whitevale should reward the proper XP and Vouchers.


  • Fixed an issue where Tailoring tech tree achievements 'Enemy Patterns: Bloodtalon Falkrin' and 'Enemy Patterns: Tideborn Ikthians' were not incrementing properly


  • Harvest plugs should be working and Players shouldn’t lose those planted seeds.

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