Patch Notes: 08/17/14 Hotfix

While the hotfix patch notes aren't expansive (all seven fixes are listed below), they do address some of the worst bugs pertaining to the queue system and getting on a certain realm. I know I've seen about all of these problems except the one regarding reporting spam, as I haven't had to do that yet. It seems like they've fixed all their queue problems, which should make the rest of the weekend go much smoother!

Quote from Raijinn


  • Fixed an occasional crash resulting from right clicking to report spam.
  • Fixed a bug where players who had purchased the game were being placed into the "guest" realm queue.
  • Fixed an exploit that was allowing some users to bypass the server queue.
  • Fixed issue causing character create screen to be blank after the queue popped.
  • The Bag of Awesomeness can now be rebound via the Account Services UI if the player character no longer has the bag in inventory.
  • Fixed a server crash related to pathing.
  • Added more cheat detection.


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