Patch Notes: Build 6708 Update

Carbine finally released the patch notes for build 6708 that was released yesterday. The patch rang in at about 850 MB but most of that is from the intro cinematics added to the beginning of the game and the final game credits for launch. I've included the UI changes below but you can check out the notes on the official forums here!

Quote from Raijinn
User Interface
  • Updated the layout of the Credd Exchange and fixed an extra buy label that was appearing.
  • The Group Finder UI now opens to the correct tab if you open it in the middle of a dungeon/adventure/arena/etc.
  • The Account Inventory tutorial should now be more accurate in explaining the functionality.
  • Changed minimum value of lod.renderTargetScale back to 0.25
  • Added RewardIcons as a dependency in Nameplates so icons load after a reloadui
  • Added sounds to the Arena Team UI.
  • Added sounds to the Challenges UI.
  • Added sounds to the Settler Build Map UI.
  • In Account Services, unfriending someone while in the middle of gifting to a friend will now close the UI and require you to try again.
  • Fixing "Not Enough Money" bugs and warnings in the Auction House.
  • If your Account has lapsed, and you have C.R.E.D.D. remaining in your Escrow, the UI will now automatically bind and claim it for you, if you click the claim confirmations.

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