2nd Patch for Ops Week Released, Build 6697 Patch Notes

Carbine has released the second patch for their Ops Week event going on from now until the head start begins. They've also opened up the servers for the time being but don't expect the servers to be up all day, as the servers tend to go up and come down multiple times per day as Carbine tests different areas of their game. To read more about Ops Week, and how you can play more WildStar before launch, check out the official post here. I've pulled the UI Changes from the notes and added them below and as always you can head here to read them in their entirety!

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User Interface
· CREDD Exchange will now say "My Listings" instead of "Listings 0/20" as there are currently no CREDD Exchange listing limits.
· Mouse buttons 3, 4, and 5 are now bindable through the Keybinding window.
· Window movement is now saved/restored with the interface options addon. Addons can register any of their windows to get this behavior.
· Item tool tips for Dyes for both your inventory and at a vendor will now display the text "Dye already acquired" if you already have learned them.
· The Character Deletion screen tip now mentions that you must type the character name, rather than the word "Delete."
· Zone exploration progress will now always save between sessions.
· Fixed an issue with vendor UI that would sometimes cause spell icons to vanish.
· Master looter privileges of currently dropped loot will now transfer to the new group leader if the group leader changes.
· Changed the text on the "Create a New Character" button so it will correctly be translated into French and German.
· Fixed an issue that was preventing journal entries in the Lore window from showing their titles.
· If the character logout timer is running on the character select screen the delete button is disabled.
· While in the Action Set Builder, leaving an unsaved build with the ESC key will prompt for saving. Pushing the ESC key a second time will exit.
· Realm select is now more obvious to see.
· A LUA error was corrected when accessing the Friends List.
· AMP item tooltips will now display correctly.

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