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    I'll just answer a few of these, because why the hell not? :P


    @Gynomancer1The ability to use a custom cursor, some means of disabling particle effects, or mob transparency

    There's a way to reduce spell effects at least, but I can't remember if they exposed it in the options yet or if you have to set a console variable still. Mob transparency is not something we can do.


    @TeddyTauren- An interrupt mod that tracks the cd of interrupts of everyone in my party/raid

    I know this is being looked into by at least one person, but no idea what the status is (or if they even plan to release it publicly).


    @FrozkoChange your gear with one click mod.

    Right now there are no API functions to equip gear but I'm sure we'll see it at some point.


    @sharper_edgeVet dungeon timers. Integrated to start when you go in. To track silver/gold runs

    My Stopwatch add-on (Viper's Stopwatch) will do this in version 1.1.0, including a ton of other stuff (version 1.1.0 should go up later today).


    @mcshane562please god make a DBM wtb knowing when kuralak's next egg phase is

    I know that someone is working on some boss stuff, but not sure about the scope of it.


    @MitSenfone that fixes the terrible body sizes for female characters.

    Not something we have control over. :)


    @UnimportantHero- Fully voiced quest text would be great. Hearing one set of words and reading another set is no good.

    While technically possible you're asking an add-on author to record voice-overs for all quests lacking it - that would be an insane amount of work...


    @TheCapodecinaAs a Settler it would be nice if i could collect resources from my mount. Maybe a mount addon that does something ;)

    The only thing that could possibly be possible would be to auto-dismount you. At least an add-on won't be able to circumvent any obstacles in terms of being able to do actions while mounted.


    @Wanderlust_PonyHow about a mod to turn off Guild and Circle logins/outs. 100+ person guild makes for a Matrix style chat window.

    Check out the Wild Notifications add-on.


    @unbansogosgood nameplates

    This is something I personally want to look into as well, because yes, right now the options are not ideal. But nameplates are a lot of work and I'm sure the API itself is making some things difficult as well.


    @the_cajungeekChua punting

    No. :P


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