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    I have been following this mod since the beginning and loving it, fantastic update (I can finally play in true Fullscreen)!

    One suggestion though: the key to toggle mouse lock should not continually lock/unlock the mouse when pressed. You should have to let the key go to toggle mouse lock. Because of the current behaviour, if I let my finger a little too long (I'm talking about a few ms) on the key it unlocks the mouse then locks it back immediately, making it quite annoying to quickly lock/unlock the cursor. I often have to press it 4-5 times to finally get an unlock, and I would like to think that it's not because I'm particularly dumb/clumsy. I'm using a mech keyboard but this shouldn't have any impact. Hope you can fix it.

    No other issue for me (I had none of the other problems reported in this thread for the moment).

    Congrats again for your amazing work.

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