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    If there is an addon that does this i have not found it and would love to know about it. if not then this is what i would like to ask someone to make or direct me in how i can make it myself.

    A crafting calculator

    simple craft

    Enter number of mats for item (this would set how many options for the next part)

    enter number needed of first mat., ect till all mats for that craft are there.

    number of item you plan to craft( this will multiply the above for each individual mat)

    advanced options

    would allow you to input manually the market price for each of the mats and show you the estimated cost of building that stack.

    would give you an option for multi crafting (you need to craft cloth from mat A and B for  item C, so it would allow you to imput how many of A and B you need and how many cloth you need for item C and show you how the number of mats you need to craft from step 1.)

    My name is SpellThis on server Pergo exile side.

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