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    We asked the WildStar Community what mods they wanted and they delivered! In case any of you were looking for inspiration, here is a list of the suggested mods!

    @Gynomancer1- The ability to use a custom cursor, some means of disabling particle effects, or mob transparency

    @TeddyTauren- An interrupt mod that tracks the cd of interrupts of everyone in my party/raid

    @Kabal_MechariAH search, shift click an item in you inventory and it goes into the AH search for easier searching

    @Trax9groupfinder for 5 or 20 man group quests

    @VoXeR91Something like Mogit for WoW, preview gear and see where it drops.

    @FrozkoChange your gear with one click mod.

    @B2992Something that incorporates a dps/threat meter into the datachron

    @sharper_edgeVet dungeon timers. Integrated to start when you go in. To track silver/gold runs

    @Elcapitano81a mod to stop the dam taxi drivers noise!

    @andyturner101a lore books/datacubes found/not found tracker

    @DarkAllegiancesA gear set mod to select between dps set and tank/heal sets and a world boss timer (curse you Scorchwing)

    @mcshane562please god make a DBM wtb knowing when kuralak's next egg phase is

    @LisaKJames05ability bars & name plates - and any/all healing help

    @NickNightbladeInterface-mod like elv-ui

    @dannywillingloot mod like deadly boss mods on world of warcraft be really helpful thanks

    @MitSenfone that fixes the terrible body sizes for female characters.

    @UnimportantHero- Fully voiced quest text would be great. Hearing one set of words and reading another set is no good.

    @TheCapodecinaAs a Settler it would be nice if i could collect resources from my mount. Maybe a mount addon that does something ;)

    @willcamtayGear Switch!!!!

    @unbansogosgood nameplates

    @soragreyAH/CX makeover mod!

    @Wanderlust_PonyHow about a mod to turn off Guild and Circle logins/outs. 100+ person guild makes for a Matrix style chat window.

    @Mietoxd- a proper auction house / broker addon, such as those in WoW like Auctioneer or Auctionatoralso a better map that doesn't cover the full screen, simplistic minimap addon and a chat addon

    @SumnerRadixauction house revamp that includes item level in search results.

    @Woffen1. Full-blown mainmap replacement.  2. Full-blown chat replacement. 3. Better Questtracker. 4. ArkInventory!

    @deviousandidata cube finder would be awesome.

    @JagdtMirageA 'World Boss Timer' style would be nifty.

    @DatFoxGuyWildStar Release Candidate 2.0. The current version is fubar.

    @rjkossicka mod for posting/managing auction house items

    @JEKeepA roleplay mod to hold character description/info to help people meetup! That doesn't exist yet... right?

    @akaWrecksOne that lets me play as a Chua Warrior.

    @antoszykba tony hawk style trick system for hover boards....

    @the_cajungeekChua punting

    @NickDonsdata cube finder mod

    @Mosh_LivesAn anti-botting mod.

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