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    Hi there again. I have spent a few (about 10) hours trying to learn how to use Autohotkey for a specific reason.

    This might be a bit in the grey zone what with the rules of Carbine. So if you think this is against the rules (which I am not certain it is), then please state that, and I will drop the matter.

    Anyways. I have a mouse with two buttons, and I cannot get another one any time soon (money constraints).

    But there are only 2 buttons I can continuously press without eventually getting damaged muscles in my hand. But I want 3 skills tied to those two buttons.

    I found some info about alternating between states. As in

    q:: //toggles between the two states
    if n=1
      send s
      send d

    This script works. But when I try to add it to your AHK script, it won't. "q" would be tied to my spellsurge toggle, "a" would be the key that mouse 1 is bound to through LockDown. "s" would be quick-draw, and "d" would be true-shot.

    As stated above, it is in a grey zone. But since it is much like having a toggleable shift-key and pressing a or shift-a, I am of the opinion that it would not break the rules. Added to that, I would have to be very carefull not to press my Spellsurge toggle unless certain that it would actually toggle spellsurge (or the spells would get switched, ie true-shot when not spellsurged). If I was not already dependent upon shift or other pinkie-keys, I would simply bind it to toggle according to +KEY. But I cannot.


    Aight. cheers for any help.

    Is that how you comment in the file? Comments have to be preceded by a semicolon not two forward slashes. Where are you adding the code to the file? If it works in another file you might want to change the variable name in case it's being used somewhere else in the script.

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     A question, is it possible to add a condition. If chat is open, ie I have pressed enter, then lockdown (and the key-binds that follow it) is turned off? I could bind enter to also toggle lockdown, but that might be problematic at best. If you could have two states, and enter binding to two different actions depending on the state, it might work... or am I asking for a bloated code here?

    So you want to type while in lockdown mode but it's throwing in extra letters when you type capital W A S or D? If that's the issue change your dodge key to a key that doesn't print like one of the function keys (F8 or something). That should fix that issue.

    changed sleep to 50 in Sojik's script. It triggered 71 hotkeys in 1sec thingy.

    still had that problem. So changed it to 100. .1 sec between dashes are not that long, still. Will report back

    Ok, and now I have a problem with the script breaking down completely. I have to ctrlaltdel to restart the ahk script. Since all keys stop responding (ie alt-tab).

    Try changing Send to SendInput. It is usually more reliable. Another thing to try would be SendPlay. If that doesn't work you can remove the loop. Change While to If and delete the Sleep line. Then you need to hit a key for it to attempt a dodge. For Example, if you have no dashes left but hit shift while strafing left and hold it, you will not dodge once you have enough dash meter until you release shift and press it again or change direction. That's because it will only trigger when you depress one of those keys. This is basically how the directional dodge key works now (minus the fact that it will dash when you aren't moving).

    I am searching for some way to bind a reload of the ahk script. but so far not successfull

    Try something along these lines (put it above #If state):


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    Quote from Xuerian »

    Hi, first things first. Great mod, and I really want to say thank you for your work.

    I do not want to fiddle around with the script. So I have a request. I want to use Shift as a directional dodge. Before I dl your mod, I was using steer and AHK to bind Shift with a simple shift::p. Which worked wonders together with ins::suspend command. Is there any way you could include this key in the mod, or tell me how to add it? It would be great if it was just like the other keys, only activated as lockdown is activated.

    And looking at your AHK script, it is evident that you have a fair bit of understanding of scripting. So I am have another (re)quest(ion). Is there any way to script so that directional dodge wont activate without a direction-key?

    For clarity: I press shift and no dodge, untill I press either of wasd direction, then a double-tap dodge is innitiated.

    The reason is I play two chars, one of em Esper. And I don't know how many times I dodge either backwards or forwards when I intend another direction. I do not have the same problem for my alt SS. I think it has to do with the Espers constant rooting.


    If you can indeed fix these two problems for me. I will name something after your handle. You get to choose: My firstborn, or my pride and joy (the fun-stick).

    Well that was easy. Add this at the bottom. Each press will have to be fresh, but it is what what you described.

    #If state
    +w::Send {w 2}
    +a::Send {a 2}
    +s::Send {s 2}
    +d::Send {d 2}

    Bind ";" to directional dodge and try this instead:

    #If state
      While GetKeyState("Shift") and (GetKeyState("w") or GetKeyState("a") or GetKeyState("s") or GetKeyState("d")) {
        Send {blind}{;}
        Sleep 10

    If you'd rather use another key for directional dodge edit the ; to be another key using this list http://ahkscript.org/docs/KeyList.htm for reference.

    This version will make Shift into that smart directional dodge that will repeat itself while held down (like spells if you enable that option in game). Since Xuerian won't sanction anything that violates one keypress=one action, he may not approve of this one.

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