• Invoke the HousingDecorSetManager Addon by typing /DecorSetMgr or /dsm into the chat window.
  • Save your currently decorated house as a Decor Set.
  • Load a saved decor set and place the decor back to it's saved location with the same position, rotation, and scale values.
  • Place decor one by one, or use the "Place All" button to place everything.
  • Decor can be place directly from the player's crate, or purchased from the housing vendor.
  • Decor that you don't own and can't be purchased from the vendor will be displayed so you can go hunt it down again!
  • Share your Decor Sets with other players!
  • Import Decor Sets.

Known Issues:

  • Due to the string length limitations of the TextEditBox, very large Decor Sets can't be shared (400+ decor).
  • Imported Decor Sets sometimes import the Decor incorrectly.
  • Before placing any decor you have to be in Edit Mode (turned on by default when you invoke the addon), and you MUST right-click anywhere in the world.
  • Interior Decor can only be placed when the player is physically inside the house. Same with exterior decor. Decor that can't be place will be disabled in the list.
  • The location of the window isn't saved to the Addon's saved data.


  • #9 Lin

    That's a very interesting Addon and I'd love to use it. However, I encountered next issue:

    Yesterday I created 2 sets, 1 for Exterior and 1 for Interior and saved them, without sharing or anything else. When I logged in today, I couldn't see them anymore, so I attempted to press 'Load' button, which lead Addon to crash. Since then every time I try to open Addon menu with /dsm it gives me an error message and none of the functions are working for me:

    ...ns\HousingDecorSetManager\HousingDecorSetManager.lua:710: attempt to concatenate field 'name' (a nil value)
    stack trace:
        ...ns\HousingDecorSetManager\HousingDecorSetManager.lua:710: in function 'ShowDecorSetListItems'
        ...ns\HousingDecorSetManager\HousingDecorSetManager.lua:151: in function <...ns\HousingDecorSetManager\HousingDecorSetManager.lua:145>
        [C]: in function 'Command'
        ui\ChatLog\ChatLog.lua:1161: in function <ui\ChatLog\ChatLog.lua:1139>

    I've tried to uninstall and install the Addon, but it doesn't seem to fix it for me. My guess it stores part of the date somewhere else? Is it possible to completely reset the Addon? Or maybe you have a better guess how to fix that. Thanks in advance >.<

  • #7 Kav

    Be very careful using this.  It's duplicating items that it thinks you don't have so you're spending gold while using it.  

    It appears to be based on what you're trying to place.  You can select an item and then place decor and it will place those items while you watch your gold tick away.

    Very nice addon, but it needs this bug fixed before it should be used in the live game!

  • #6 IainB

    Awesome, thanks so much Lamenth!

  • #4 Stumbleina

    Any way we can get instructions on how to install this addon, or get it added to Curse Client? :)

  • #5 MrNyxis

    You can refer to quite a number of guides on Youtube.. this is the one I used:


  • #3 MrNyxis

    So I'm attempting to share a set with a friend... I created the set, selected it, clicked "Share", and copy pasted the "Decor Set Data" to them. When they click "Load" and paste the data in the prompted box, there's the following error:


    ...ns\HousingDecorSetManager\HousingDecorSetManager.lua:934: ["text"]={[1]="Calendar",[2]="Wooden Wall Planter",[3]=..."]:1: unexpected symbol near '<eof>'
    stack trace:
        [C]: in function 'assert'
        ...ns\HousingDecorSetManager\HousingDecorSetManager.lua:934: in function 'LoadTable'
        ...ns\HousingDecorSetManager\HousingDecorSetManager.lua:866: in function <...ns\HousingDecorSetManager\HousingDecorSetManager.lua:860>


    Note that we are trying this with the exact same Cassian house and are roommates.

    Am I going about this sharing system the wrong way? Or is this something in need of a fix?


  • #10 MrNyxis

    No more then 30 objects. It was just a small set I threw together to test the addon.

  • #8 Lamenth

    How many decor were in the set? If it was a large number of decor then the string was probably too large to be displayed, so not all of the information was there.

  • #2 Lamenth

    I plan on including clear indication of decor that's been placed in my next update.

  • #1 Tomed

    Very cool. I noticed a small issue: there's no feedback after you place a single item from a template. The list should probably update automatically after this is done.

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