Strain patch: the occlusion toggle works again - If you're seeing nameplates through objects it's because you have occlusion disabled.

Play a Medic?: Check out Medicate.

BijiPlates is a nameplate replacement add-on that shows separated health and shield bars instead of the default in-line style. By default, the occlusion is turned off. This allows you to see nameplates through walls and other objects that should obstruct them. You may turn it on through the settings page (/BijiPlates), although the api function that handles this is currently bugged for many players.

Features: (Check the images tab for screens of features and settings)

  • Display settings for different unit types (neutral, friendly, friendly player, hostile, hostile player).
  • Color settings for names and bars.
  • Info text (hp, sp, lvl, interupt armor).
  • Nameplates fade out for friendly chat bubbles.
  • Buff / Debuff display above plates. (Do not recommend using, very resource heavy.)
  • Hook into TrackMaster to draw a line to your weapon when subdued/disarmed. (image)
  • Tank Options
    • Threat alert: Icon when a unit is not targeting you.
  • Healer Options
    • Cleanse alert: Icon when a target has a cleansable debuff on them.
    • Only show health bars when damaged (below 95% of health + shield).
  • Different styles:
    • SAO: Inspired by the anime series Sword Art Online.
    • Flat: Simple square edged bars.

BijiPlates SAO Style

BijiPlates Styles

BijiPlates Styles

Support: Check out my android game, Brick'um. It's a free breakout style game with no adds, no purchases, and requires no permissions.

I decided not to buy the game, so I cannot continue to work on the add-on as I can not do any sort of testing outside of the game. CasstielCupcake has offered to take over with any emergency updates, and I'm open to adding any contributors that are interested working on it. -(slowseer) (Forum Post)


  • #31 carde

    Just a quick note: You might want to restore the cache in UnattachNameplateWindow to avoid creating new objects all the time, it was designed to re-use the previous nameplates.

    Perhaps add a max-size, though, something along the lines of

    if #self.arFreeWindows < 100 then
      table.insert(self.arFreeWindows, tNameplate.wndNameplate)

    I have done this modification locally and it improves performance somewhat in busy regions, like the main cities. I assume this code was removed because the original author did not see why it was there?

    Showing/hiding a window is significantly faster than creating a new one from xml.

    On a somewhat related note the function that creates nameplates does slightly more work than is required when it uses a cached plate.

    Last edited by carde: Jun 19, 2014
  • #30 Aisenfaire

    Hi!  Couldn't live without this addon as a medic healer--the shield healing is so much easier with how it's laid out!  Thank you for maintaining it. 

    I had a suggestion that I'm not sure is possible or not.  

    I noticed in instances where I'm healing, on some occasions the friendly nameplates get covered up by enemy nameplates when the players are clumping closely in a huge group of mobs.   Might it be possible to have an option (for healers) to always have friendly nameplates be the ones on top?  


  • #29 Jarod24

    Love the addon. Keep up the good work.

    Suggestion: An option to only show healthbar of other faction (dominion/exile) players when you youself is flagged for PVP. Then possibly only show the healthbars for players that are also PVP flagged.

    I.e; if my character (exile) is questing near a dominion player then i won't see his healthbar, castbar etc until we are both pvp-flagged (or only myself, if thats the only way).

  • #28 Ruffty

    Nameplates dissappear even with BijiPlates.

  • #27 Aisenfaire


    Using BijiPlates-v1.8.8, the options window appears to be cut off at the bottom and I am unable to scroll down to the pet bars as the scrollbar has hit its end but the options have not.  



  • #26 ifuzz

    Thanks for picking up Biji!  Love the app.  Keep up the good work



  • #25 ChaosU

    I have a Problem with my NamePlates, some nameplates just dont get showen i mean when i log on everything has nameplates and then when a player comes to me or i run to a new place the namesplates stop appering... It makes it very hard to heal.

  • #24 Jibsgaming

    Great addon.


    1 problem though.

    When I run the game with this addon it just startes eating and eating and eating mroe memory.

    My client was up to 7GB of used Ram after a few hours of play. Had my meory monitor running and it just slowly kept going up. Killing frame rates as well.

    I have no issue with RAM (I have 32 GB for Virtual OS systems) However the game performance severely degrades when it starts eating that much RAM.

    Disabled the addon and I got back my FPS and client memory stayed at 1.5 to 1.8GB max.


    Re-enabled your addon and the memory issue was back. So for now Im running without it.


    Great addon and thank you for making it.

  • #23 bezal

    Hate to say it, but its virtually unusable right now for some of us as its killing FPS and eating memory like crazy. Not sure what happened in the last 2 builds, or with Carbine's changes, but its pretty bad. 

  • #22 Bellante

    Suggestion: Make the nameplate clickable to target the mob! 

    I've noticed in some bombing missions where you have to target a mob that you can hardly target it due to the nameplate not being targetable and taking up most of the space of the mobs body.

    Also, could you make a keybindable shortcut to show/hide bars?

    Not sure if this makes sense, since there's different settings for different groups of mobs, but one way could be that "all currently ticked show bars" get unticked, and then when you press it again, they get reticked (aka it saves the positions). No idea if it's possible, but would be a nice feature for some situations.

    Last edited by Bellante: May 19, 2014
  • #21 Aisenfaire


    I've been using your addon for a while and it is awesome.  Thank you for your work on it!

    May I make some suggestions?

    1. Put an icon on nameplates of the tank/s in dungeons/ raids (like a tiny shield icon on the side of nameplate). The purpose would primarily be for healers, so they know at a glance their high-priority targets for telegraph heals.  

    Optionally a small icon for healers, too, so tanks know where their healers are for heal telegraph positioning. 

    2. Class coloring for nameplates?  Especially useful in practice grounds. 

    3. Hostile mob nameplates growing bigger and acquiring a red glow when you have threat on them, and vice-versa for tanks.  Sort of like Threatplates in WoW:

  • #19 ninemetal

    When I'm on Stalker my resource bar is gone. I know this is a Carbine bug, however, there's some odd behavior I was able to observe when using Bijiplates.

    When I load the default Nameplates and /reloadui my resource bar comes back. When I turn nameplates off and turn on bijiplates (very nice work btw) the stalkers resource bar is gone and /reloadui does not bring it back. This remains the same if I exit the game and restart it.

    The resource bars for the other five classes work fine with Bijiplates so I'm guessing this is something tied to the Carbine bug but thought I'd mention it in case others are having a similar issue or if there was a workaround. I hate not having Bijiplates on.

  • #20 ninemetal

    err, guess I commented too soon. Was able to fix this for myself by deleting everything in the %AppData% folder. Resource bar is back on the stalker with Bijiplates on.

  • #17 dragonwang

    Hello, after I loaded this addon, my fps will drop to < 10.  Normally, it's between 60-70 fps.  Is there a way to fix this?  Thanks.

  • #18 slowseer

    Hop into the settings and make sure all of the buff/debuff related functions are turned off. They should be turned off by default though.

    Last edited by slowseer: May 11, 2014
  • #15 Contrariwise

    I get this every time I reloadui.\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\BijiPlates\BijiPlates.lua:2565: attempt to call field 'GetSpellTooltipForm' (a nil value)
    stack trace:\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\BijiPlates\BijiPlates.lua:2565: in function 'ShowRewardIcons'\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\BijiPlates\BijiPlates.lua:1096: in function 'SetNormalNameplate'\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\BijiPlates\BijiPlates.lua:982: in function 'CreateNameplateWindow'\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\BijiPlates\BijiPlates.lua:1418: in function 'DrawNameplate'\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\BijiPlates\BijiPlates.lua:1395: in function <\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\BijiPlates\BijiPlates.lua:1378>

  • #16 slowseer

    I commented out the tool-tip line in the lasted build, should be good to go now.

  • #14 slowseer

    OK, So i commented out the line that was causing the bug. 

    I also re-enabled buff/debuff displays. Using it for anything but yourself/your target is VERY resource intensive. Right now, it will update every 0.3 seconds, you can change this inside the lua file if you like, pretty close to the start of it.

  • #13 vaerlyn2006

    This addon appears to be breaking for a few people in this patch

  • #12 Junit

    Hi i have a few requests that would make this the best nameplate addon ever.

    1. Can you implement (class color names) similar to . As a as a hardcore raider and dps/tank I don't need to see anyones bars (have unit frames/raid frames), would be nice to see how the classes/players are stacking or spreading (super easy identifiable).

    2. Maybe get some nameplate bars background transparency to see other bars behind the current grey background.

    Great work on the frames and thanks!

    Last edited by Junit: May 2, 2014
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