WildStar Elerium Launch - A New CurseForge

The WildStar NDA has finally lifted and that means we can all finally discuss every facet of WildStar without a care. Of course, this means we’ll be hosting addons through our author platform, CurseForge. For a few months we’ve been beta testing a new version of CurseForge called Elerium, and WildStar is launching on this brand new platform.

If you are in the beta, you can start uploading your addons now and players can start downloading them from Curse.com as well as through the client.

Hosting your addon has never been easier on the new CurseForge platform. We have streamlined the tools and really strived to create a better platform specific to your needs. The original CurseForge was created by addon authors, for addon authors, and we’re happy to say that it hasn’t changed.

As many of you know, not only do your addons show up on Curse.com, you can also manage all your addons through the Curse Client. We’ll keep your addons up-to-date, and we’ll even backup your addon settings to the cloud.

We hope you enjoy the new look of CurseForge. We’ll be migrating our older CurseForge sites over to the new platform as time goes on and we are happy to take your feedback on what we can do to make this platform even better going forward.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Author Rewards Platform if you plan on hosting a WildStar addon. As people download your addon, you will build up points and you can then turn those points into Amazon gift cards or even direct PayPal deposits.

To learn more about WildStar including newly released info like the release date, Warplots, pre-order, and more, head on over to WildStarForums.com where you can sign-in with your Curse account and participate in the beta discussion that is about to unfold.

And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t thank the developers who brought us this game we all find so fascinating, so a big thank you to Carbine! Again, if you have any questions concerning the site or have any feedback, use the comment section below and we’ll be quick to answer them. Thanks!

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  • #8 WildcardC

    My addon for Wildstar is currently - perhaps it was somewhat thoughtless of me - named "Grid". I am wondering if there are any any concerns for hosting this on Curse given how it may be worngfully associated with the original WoW addon - or heaves forbid the original author takes offense to my naming/has any actual trademark or whatnot claims to it. I would like word if I will have to rename the thing ;)

  • #9 Kaelten

    These types of things happen and we kinda handle them on a case by case basis.  If I had my choice I'd name it something unique unless it's a port, but that's up to you. 

  • #4 Thi

    My curse client does not support Wildstar! When I try to add a game and direct it to where my installation folder is it gives me an error message saying that it could not find any games on the folder and the lists the games supported (which Wildstar is already listed lol). I tried to update it, but it says that it's already running the latest version. :(

  • #5 Kaelten

    This should now be working.  Please check it out again and let me know if you're having any more issues. 

  • #6 Torchler

    Might be worth mentioning you need to close down the Curse client and start it back up again.

  • #7 Kaelten

    Good catch!

  • #3 Caleb

    My curse client ( does not seem to support WildStar. Am I missing something here? The post said it should.

    I guess I'll answer my own question by quoting Torhal:

    <Torhal> Caleb|: Should in an hour or two, I believe.

    Last edited by Caleb: 3/12/2014 12:30:18 PM
  • #1 Caleb

    Will wildstar.curseforge.com support repositories like the other curseforge sites (I really miss that right now, especially the wonderful packager)? Obviously not a major concern right now, but I imagine localization support would be the next big thing (after the repositories).

  • #2 ahamling27

    Repositories are on their way. It's definitely in the pipeline and we'll get it pushed out as soon as it's ready. :)

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